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Data Analysis and Indicator Tracking for the Maine Development Foundation

Camoin 310 is excited to share the annual release of the Maine Development Foundation’s 2020 Measures of Growth Report, produced in conjunction with the Maine Economic Growth Council. Since 1994 this report has tracked over 25 indicators that provide a comprehensive snapshot of Maine’s economy, using independent data which then informs policy, business, community and individual decision making.

Each year, Camoin 310 partners with the Maine Development Foundation to provide data and analysis related to research and development (R&D) and startup business activity. Using R&D expenditure data from the National Science Foundation and startup activity data from the Kauffman Foundation, Camoin 310 ranks Maine relative to other states in terms of R&D expenditures and entrepreneurial activity across a variety of categories. These rankings allow for easy year-over-year comparisons of how Maine’s relative strength has changed with respect to each of these indicators.

Collectively, the indicators tracked by the Maine Development Foundation support the idea that Maine’s quality of life depends upon a vibrant and sustainable economy, thriving communities, and a healthy environment. Camoin 310 is proud to support this effort.

Check out the full report here.


Image Source: Camoin 310