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Navigating Growth: EDO Websites as Catalysts for Business Attraction

December 2023

Discover how your website can become your most powerful tool in economic development. Our comprehensive white paper delves into the pivotal role of effective web design in attracting businesses and fostering growth. Explore actionable insights, success stories, and industry best practices to elevate your digital presence and drive results.

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Economic Impact Analysis White Paper

July 2023

This white paper gives municipalities, economic development organizations, real estate developers, nonprofits, and other organizations information about how to use economic impact analysis to understand and quantify how new projects, events, or investments impact the local economy (jobs, earnings, tax revenue, etc.). Contents include economic impact models, process, best practices, and case studies.

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Fiscal Impact Analysis White Paper

September 2022

This white paper gives municipalities and developers insight into using fiscal impact analysis to understand how new developments and land uses influence revenues, expenditures, and the fiscal condition of a taxing jurisdiction. Contents include methodology, land use considerations, and case studies.

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The Case of Disappearing Main Street Retail

January 2017

This white paper, written in partnership with Hrishue Mahalaha from Innovation Economy Partners, gives community leaders and economic developers information about how to revitalize and grow stagnant main street retail areas. It shares five trends that will influence the future of successful retail and provides recommendations for how to move forward.



Utilizing Industry and Market Data to Target Market Your Community

March 2024 | 1 hour, 5 minutes


Economic Development and Workforce Development Collaboration: Best Practices and Case Studies

March 2015 | 1 hour, 31 minutes


Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014: What it Means to Economic Development

February 2015 | 1 hour, 30 minutes

The Role and History of Workforce Development through the 1998 Workforce Investment Act

January 2015 | 1 hour, 22 minutes

So how did “workforce development” get started, and why? This webinar answers those questions.

The Disconnect Between Education and Workforce Development and What This Means for the Future of the Workforce

December 2014 | 1 hour, 28 minutes

What we’ll learn: We can’t talk about workforce development and why it is needed or not needed until we grasp what education is doing (or not doing) to prepare people to support themselves in life. Therefore, for this first installment in the Bridging the Gap series, we’ll discuss:

  • The definition of education
  • Philosophies of education
  • Who determines what is important in creating an educated person
  • The definition of workforce development
  • EFF standards and how do they help bring clarity to what is needed for a person to be “work ready” and more

💡Conference Slide Decks


“FDI Activity in the SEDC Region”
Southern Economic Development Council (SEDC) Meet the Consultants American South Site Selection Summit

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“Metrics That Matter for Equitable Entrepreneurship”
International Conference on Business Incubation: ICBI38

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“Designing Impactful Metrics for Equitable Economic Development”
International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Leadership Summit

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“IDAs: A Shift in Focus”
New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals (NYATEP)

View Slide Deck (PDF)

“The Economic Impact of New York State’s IDAs: 2021 Update”
New York State Economic Development Council (NYSEDC) Annual Conference

View Slide Deck (PDF)

“Making the Case: Best Practices for Cost-Benefit Analysis”
NYSEDC Economic Development Conference

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“One Size Does Not Fit All: Customizing Industry Sector Pipeline Strategies”
NYATEP/NYSEDC Partners for Workforce and Economic Development Conference

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“A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste”
IEDC Economic Future Forum

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“How Local Economies Can Benefit from Outdoor Recreation Trends”
Maine Outdoor Economy Summit (MOES)

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“Economic Development Post-COVID: Making Sense of a Tidal Wave of Information”
New England States Government Finance Officers Association

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“IDA Impact Analysis: How IDAs are Leading Community Development and Modernizing Their Local Economies”
IDA Academy and NYSEDC

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📚Training Resources

Economic Development Strategic Planning Resources

Last Updated: May 2023

These materials have been developed by Camoin Associates during the course of our work helping clients across the country design, conduct, and act on economic development strategic plans. They are also integrated into the content of the International Economic Development Council’s Economic Development Strategic Planning course that our Senior Vice President Jim Damicis teaches each year. Links are provided to multiple slide decks, documents, and videos.

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Camoin Associates Presents: Entrepreneurship and Innovation with Christa Franzi, CEcD

November 2022

Camoin Associates Presents: Remote Working with Rachel Selsky, AICP

August 2022

A discussion with Camoin Associates’ Vice President and COO Rachel Selsky, AICP, about her job and the firm’s decision to go 100% remote in 2021.

Expert Commentary from “Economic Change in a World Divided” Session at IEDC’s 2022 Annual Conference

September 2022

This video was created for Camoin Associates’ “Economic Change in a World Divided” featured session at the International Economic Development Council’s Annual Conference in Oklahoma City. It includes excerpts of expert commentary from: Wendy Feliz, Director, Center for Inclusion and Belonging, American Immigration Council; Matt Leighninger, Head of Democracy Innovation, National Conference on Citizenship; and Valerie Lemmie, Director of Exploratory Research, Kettering Foundation.

Economic Development Today by Dan Gundersen, FM, HLM

February 2020

Economic Development touches the lives of everyone, everywhere. This presentation lays out a chronology of development in America, explains how traditional approaches to the field of economic development are changing and provides six fundamentals for achieving economic prosperity in local communities. Portions of this presentation help kick-off a discussion on defining Economic Development at the 2020 Economic Development Conference of NYSEDC.


What is the Point of Economic Impact Analysis?

October 2017

Think your project might benefit from an economic impact analysis? In this video, we explain why you might take on an an economic impact analysis and what’s involved.


Expansion Solutions Magazine

Since 2014, Camoin Associates staff have been writing articles for Expansion Solutions magazine that offer a deep dive into a variety of specific industries, as well as workforce development-related topics.

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Economic Development Navigator Blog

Our Economic Development Navigator blog features hundreds of articles and project profiles written by our leadership and staff on a wide variety of topics. New articles are published regularly on our website and shared with subscribers to our monthly e-newsletter. Subscribe today! 

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