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Brownfield Redevelopment

Camoin Associates’ Real Estate Development Services Team is recognized for its expertise in brownfield redevelopment, and our staff has produced award-winning plans. We understand the complex challenges of brownfield properties and are adept at crafting unique redevelopment strategies tailored to each individual project.

Brownfield redevelopment

Our Brownfield Redevelopment Services

Market Feasibility Studies

Our comprehensive real estate market studies are designed to uncover creative reuse opportunities by understanding the economic context of each site and where the market is heading. Our data-driven approach combined with on-the-ground intelligence-gathering interviews and information gathering creates reliable, trustworthy market studies that lead to brownfield redevelopment success.

Reuse Scenario Visioning and Evaluation

We bring economic and market insights together with community input, political considerations, and practical realities to craft brownfield redevelopment concepts that are ambitious and creative but also feasible. We rigorously test concepts for viability through detailed financial analysis, alignment with community values, and a clear understanding of site-specific constraints.

Revitalization Planning

Our approach recognizes that brownfields do not exist in isolation, but are often part of the fabric of downtowns, neighborhoods, commercial corridors, and communities. We understand that redeveloping brownfields can help catalyze new investment and transform communities. We employ a strategic planning framework that lays the foundation for leveraging brownfield reuse projects for community revitalization. Our work has included revitalization plans funded through US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Assessment Grants and New York State’s Brownfield Opportunity Area plans for communities across the state.

Site Disposition Strategies

Our team has successfully crafted “win-win-win” site disposition strategies for brownfield redevelopment that meet the owner’s goals, position the acquirer for success, and lead to the desired revitalization of the local community. We take a holistic approach to strategic disposition planning, including transfer options, lease/ownership scenarios, maximizing the marketability of sites, investor/developer recruitment, and return on investment analysis.

Featured Brownfield Redevelopment Projects

Brownfield Revitalization Plan
City of Belfast, MEWith several brownfields located in its downtown and waterfront areas, the City sought to catalyze the development of these strategic properties to support local economic development. Through a US Environmental Protection Agency grant, Camoin Associates prepared a comprehensive property inventory, market analysis, and financial feasibility analysis and then used the results to craft a revitalization plan for the City.

Disposition Strategy for a Fortune 500 Company

Camoin Associates was commissioned by a global corporation to prepare a disposition strategy for an underutilized waterfront industrial campus. We conducted a highest and best use study for the brownfield site to determine how to maximize the disposition value to the company. Camoin Associates assessed various disposition strategies, including sale-leaseback, partial disposition, fee-simple disposition, ground-lease, and other options; and provided the company with a recommended disposition plan to maximize value and achieve the company’s objectives.

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