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Detroit Economic Growth Corporation Target Industry Outreach

August 3, 2021 Karen Meier

The Challenge

The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC), a private, non-profit corporation devoted exclusively to supporting the City of Detroit’s economic development initiatives, was seeking a knowledgeable economic development marketing company to assist with a 5-month, continuous outreach program targeting local existing industry. Previously the DEGC had been utilizing an internal resource to schedule appointments and had an immediate need to “pump up” the number of in-person meetings to meet a fiscal year goal.

The Solution

Camoin Associates was contracted to customize an outreach campaign to contact local executives in and around the Detroit metro area with the purpose of arranging up to 85 face-to-face industry visits on behalf of the DEGC. The following services and deliverables were provided: kick-off call to design call approach determining the positioning that will present the value proposition to local industry for meeting with a representative; outbound and inbound calling to local industry executives; intelligence gathering; weekly schedule of in-person meetings; appointment profile for each scheduled meeting outlining specific meeting topics; sustained appointment setting follow-up over the project timeframe.

The Impact

The existing industry outreach program was designed to meet with and address specific company needs, plans for growth, and if appropriate detail how the DEGC could provide assistance to facilitate any planned expansion. Additionally, the outreach would identify ‘at risk’ companies operating in the area that required immediate interaction with DEGC.

Due to the continued success of reaching executives and the ability to create a consistent schedule of in-person meetings for DEGC representatives, Camoin Associates maintained the existing industry contract for DEGC on a continuous basis from 2007 through 2015. The impact of this 9-year program resulted in the scheduling of over 850 in-person meetings.