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Housing Needs Assessment and Strategy in Keene, NH

September 14, 2023

Keene, New HampshireThe Challenge

The City of Keene, NH,  found that its aging housing stock aligned poorly with the needs of a changing demographic profile and characterized these challenges as being “at the crisis stage”. The City needed solid quantitative knowledge and specific, actionable recommendations to guide its housing-related zoning and regulations.

The Solution

Camoin Associates was engaged by the City of Keene to perform a full review and assessment of housing needs within the community. Based on an analysis of current and projected needs along with a detailed profile of the current housing stock (including GIS data), Camoin Associates presented the City with key findings and overall themes that in turn determined recommended strategies for the community.

The Impact

The analysis and strategic recommendations provided by Camoin Associates are now key inputs in reexamining the City’s residential and other zoning districts and broader housing policies and regulations.Housing Vulnerability Index for Keene, New Hampshire

Read the Housing Needs Assessment and Strategy (PDF)

Services Provided by Camoin Associates

  • Demographic and economic trends profile
  • Housing inventory and analysis
  • Residential market conditions assessment
  • Community and stakeholder interviews
  • Housing resilience
  • Housing needs gap
  • Housing strategy

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