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Housing Needs Assessment in Marble Falls, TX

March 14, 2023

Marble Falls, TexasThe Challenge

The City of Marble Falls, a bedroom community of Austin, TX, is facing several critical housing issues, including a dramatic decrease in multifamily development and an influx of new residents. The city’s housing market has become much tighter, resulting in higher prices that are pushing out existing residents and workers who are unable to afford to live there.

The city is facing a workforce-level/middle-income housing shortage with little economic rationale for local developers to create housing affordable to local workers.

The Solution

The City hired Camoin Associates to develop a housing needs assessment that was completed in early 2023. The assessment included an analysis of demographic and economic trends, a comprehensive look at the city’s current housing stock, and a detailed breakdown of the housing needs within the city.

The assessment highlighted that the housing market has tightened significantly due to the in-migration of new residents and rising housing prices that are driving out current residents and workers.

The Impact

The assessment made it clear that the city is facing a precarious housing challenge that, if not addressed, will only get worse and continue to adversely affect current residents and workers.

As a result of the assessment, City leadership has acknowledged that they need to take intervening action and implement actionable strategies to change the challenging housing market trends facing Marble Falls.

Read the Housing Needs Assessment

Services Provided by Camoin Associates

  • Economic baseline assessment
  • Housing inventory and analysis
  • Market conditions assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement

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