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Market Analysis & Reuse Feasibility Study: Ticonderoga, NY

August 26, 2020

The Challenge

Ticonderoga’s history is rooted in the genesis of the United States, anchored by Fort Ticonderoga, which now functions as a coveted tourism destination in the Northeast. In recent history, employment  was closely tied to paper mills, which have waned in production, but still employ a relatively high number of regional workers. With shifts in production and lifestyle preferences, Ticonderoga faces a declining and aging population, and a downtown that is marked with historic properties that are underutilized and in need of repair. An active downtown organization identified three key properties with the greatest potential to transform the downtown and attract residents and visitors.

The Solution

To gauge the market potential for the three downtown properties, Camoin 310 conducted a downtown retail market analysis. Collaborating with the architects leading the team, Camoin 310  developed strategies to support revitalization along the Montcalm corridor. Camoin’s recommendations identified target consumers that align with visitor profiles in the region and the types of goods and services  that they will be likely to spend money on. The recommendations also determined entrepreneurial targets, identifying which subsets of the population are most likely to flourish as entrepreneurs with support from the Town. To download the report, visit: https://www.ticonderoga-alliance.org/post/ticonderoga-2020-downtown-feas…

The Impact

Leaders in Ticonderoga are actively utilizing the recommendations from this work to improve market conditions in the town amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes in market demand related  to COVID-19 were leveraged to support local businesses such as the local food co-op. The Town is also fostering conversations with Fort Ticonderoga to strengthen the connection between the Fort and the Montcalm corridor.


Cover image: Camoin 310, In.Site.Architecture