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New Hampshire Statewide Workforce Assessment

March 29, 2023

New Hampshire lighthouseThe Challenge

With a competitive labor market and rapid technological uptake across industries, the alignment of workforce skills and employer needs is more critical than ever for a prosperous economy. Understanding that taking a proactive approach to workforce needs in the next decade will help prepare the state, New Hampshire retained Camoin Associates to conduct a statewide workforce assessment of their target sectors which include Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Technology.

The Solution

The labor market analysis identified the occupations that overlap among the state’s target sectors and therefore have a significant impact on the overall economy. The analysis determined the total demand for critical occupations in the next decade and measured that against the rate at which the New Hampshire labor market is projected to fill those roles. This analysis considered the nuances of the state’s demographics, and labor force participation rate, in addition to other regionalized characteristics.

The Impact

The data provided in this report will be used to set priorities among partners and inform how resources are allocated to address the most imminent challenges. To overcome systemic challenges and demographic shifts in New Hampshire’s economy, the State will need to take a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to fill unmet demands in the top occupations. This data is being used to develop meaningful workforce attraction strategies including tailored marketing messages based on key occupations. Camoin Associates has continued to advise the State throughout the creative process and is committed to uncovering the opportunities in New Hampshire through the data findings.