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Ohio Southeast Prospect Engage Campaign

July 27, 2021 Andy Marzo

The Challenge

Ohio Southeast Economic Development is an economic development organization who works throughout a 23 county region in eastern and southern Ohio. With a continued focus on business attraction, prospecting, and engagement the Ohio Southeast team invested significant time and resources to create a quality website full of useful information about the region. This website essentially acts as the face of the organization and region for various potential business prospects and site selectors, amongst others. After implementation, Ohio Southeast watched their web traffic increase, knowing that they were getting increased visitation, but felt like they were still missing crucial data to help them actively engage with potential prospects earlier on in their process.

The Solution and Impact

Camoin Associate’s Prospect Engage tool was designed with the intention of helping our clients easily identify investment and site selection decision makers much earlier in their information gathering process, while allowing clients or our contact center team to engage with them in a timely manner. Before implementation, our team worked with Ohio Southeast Economic Development to identify a customized approach to implementation, identifying specific target industries and websites that were of particular interest to the organization, or potential future prospects to the region. After implementing Prospect Engage, the tool has allowed Ohio Southeast Economic Development to identify and interact with prospects visiting their website. It has led to productive conversations with companies considering capital projects or future expansion to the region, filling the void that was missing from their initial website marketing investment.