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Regional Housing Assessment and Strategy for New York State’s North Country

April 14, 2023

North Country, New YorkThe Challenge

The Adirondack Park in New York State’s North Country is one of the most recognizable tourism destinations in the United States. It is located within all four of the counties represented by the Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Planning Board (LCLGRPB). As a protected area, development of any kind within the park faces significant hurdles to ensure the natural environment is preserved.

While the LCLGRPB region benefits from a healthy tourism and outdoor recreation sector, the overall economy has remained stagnant as housing availability has become a major barrier to the growth of existing businesses and the attraction potential employers. Several factors have exacerbated the situation, including sluggish housing production, a growing seasonal population, and gaps in infrastructure.

The Solution

LCLGRPB retained Camoin Associates to lead a housing needs assessment and strategy for the entire region that considered the unique challenges and opportunities within each county.

To better understand the specific challenges within the housing sector at both a regional and municipal level, Camoin Associates established 17 themes by distilling the findings of a data analysis, employer and community surveys, and feedback from key stakeholders and the public. For each county, Camoin Associates determined the number of housing units required to meet the needs of the current population as well as future workforce needs.

The Impact

The LCLGRPB launched the strategy in spring 2023. The data is being used by economic developers and planners in each of the counties to make informed decisions for their communities. Quantifying the housing needs set tangible benchmarks for each county and set into motion a collaborative effort among the region to reach the established goals.

Read the Comprehensive Housing Study and Strategy

Services Provided by Camoin Associates

  • Sociodemographic analysis
  • Regional housing market needs assessment
  • Affordability metrics
  • Strategies and recommendations to address housing needs
  • Community and employer survey
  • Community engagement
  • Municipal leadership engagement

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