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Town of Groton, CT Housing Market Study

November 22, 2021 Daniel Stevens, AICP

The Challenge | The Town of Groton, in southeastern Connecticut and home to a major submarine manufacturing operation, is in a region poised for future economic and population growth. Yet the Town has lagged behind the region in housing production, and with many housing development projects planned around the region, the Town sought answers as to how much housing development opportunity is there and how can the Town capitalize on that opportunity?

The Solution | In 2021, the Camoin Associates team prepared a housing market analysis that found a continuing shift of those working in Groton to live in surrounding communities due largely to the lack of attractive housing options. The study identified a market opportunity for 5,000 new housing units in the Town over the next decade but also uncovered constraints that will need to be addressed to capture that opportunity.

The Impact | The Town is using the report as part of a public communications campaign to emphasize the importance of housing development and generate support for housing development projects. The town is also using the results internally to address barriers and constraints to housing development.

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