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Workforce System Scan in Monroe County, NY

May 22, 2024

WorkforceThe Challenge

Home to the City of Rochester, Monroe County has a robust ecosystem of workforce providers offering numerous programs, credentials, and services targeted at prospective workers.

RochesterWorks — a member of the American Job Center Network and administrator of employment and training resources on behalf of the Monroe County/Rochester Workforce Development Board — sought to identify and analyze local workforce development resources, which grew significantly in response to disruption and opportunities created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Solution

RochesterWorks retained Camoin Associates to catalog organizations, programs, activities, and populations served across the county’s workforce system.

Camoin Associates sought to create a shared tool for workforce partners to easily update and reference as they pursued new collaborations and programs to better serve local job seekers. With RochesterWorks’ guidance, Camoin Associates launched an iterative data mining process that included desktop research and crowdsourcing to prepare a comprehensive, online database that reflects the workforce system.

Camoin Associates catalogued 117 workforce provider organizations and 369 programs across the county. To support this work Camoin Associates engaged the RochesterWorks team and workforce partners to create parameters for the county’s workforce ecosystem, identify a data collection tool, gather data, and host a demo for partners to provide feedback on the research and database. Camoin Associates developed a workforce system analysis that captured data trends around provider organizations, program types, industry sectors, target populations, and more to identify system gaps and opportunities for RochesterWorks.

The Impact

The project gave Monroe County an easy-to-use, sustainable tool to help workforce partners efficiently support job seekers and collaborate with each other to deliver services.

Services Provided:

  • Asset mapping
  • Workforce development
  • Workforce data analysis
  • Education and training analysis