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BlueTech Company, ThayerMahan, Experiences Meteoric Growth in Groton

April 21, 2021

In March, ThayerMahan, a Groton-based BlueTech company was awarded part of $8 million in federal funding for offshore wind research and development. The company is a leader in Groton's BlueTech industry and one of several growing in the region.

ThayerMahan was founded by Navy veterans concerned with growing undersea threats. "We were on a $3 billion submarine with 150 men in the 1980s. We have more threats today than back then, but with 120 fewer submarines in the water. It became clear that we needed to find ways to supplement the Navy and Coast Guard's mission with marine awareness and unmanned systems," said Richard Hine, co-founder and COO of ThayerMahan. Mike Conner, CEO and co-founder, began to consider how their company could help to shift Alfred ThayerMahan's naval strategy to a 21st-century paradigm that supported big capital assets with unmanned assets that are distributed and less expensive. He found a way to do so while living up to their mission of protecting our nation and its vital interests.

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Image Source: Town of Groton, CT – ThayerMahan's TransparenSea Maritime Surveillance Operations Center located in Groton, Connecticut.