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Metric Scorecard Tool for Economic Development

July 26, 2021

All Things Metrics

Telling your story is one thing, but measuring the success of your economic development organization, and communicating that success to elected officials, board members and community stakeholders is just as critical. This page contains resources and information about all things metrics, benchmarking, and measurement for economic development.

Economic Development Scorecards We Like

Tallahassee-Leon County, FL: Economic Dasboard

The Office of Economic Vitality for Tallahassee-Leon County, FL tracks 85+ key economic indicators and maintains a statistical digest. They also have a newsletter that delivers quarterly economic updates to their subscribers.

A scorecard featuring economic development data from Tallahassee

City of Portland, ME: Economic Scorecard

Portland Maine’s scorecard categorizes economic development trends as lagging, keeping up, or exceeding regional, state, and national trends as well as benchmark cities. And if we’re being honest, we like this one because we helped build it.

An economic development scorecard with charts and graphs for Portland

City of Fort Collins, CO: Community Performance Measurement Dashboard

The City of Fort Collins, CO tracks metrics across seven community outcomes that are tied to its budgeting process. The metrics help determine which projects are funded.

A economic development scorecard for Fort Collins with icons and data points

State of Virginia: Virginia Performs

The State of Virginia’s economic development scorecard gives a snapshot of trends and government influence in each factor. It measures whether the government has a direct or indirect involvement in improving each metric.

An economic development scorecard for Virginia showing data points in chart format

Greater MSP: Regional Indicators Dashboard

The Greater Minneapolis Saint Paul Regional Indicators Dashboard is one of the few indicator dashboards we’ve come across that engage the community to contribute. Individuals can submit data that they feel helps Greater MSP pursue its goals. They even created a YouTube video explaining how to read it.

An economic development scorecard for MSP showing data points for Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Take the First Step to Performance Measurement with this Tool

Many economic development organizations struggle with creating and maintaining useful performance measurement systems. To help you get started, use this economic development metric scorecard tool as a launchpad for creating a system to track economic development metrics for your organization.


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