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Economic Impact of Louisiana Coastal Management Investment

March 7, 2022 Tom Dworetsky, AICP

The Challenge

Ongoing natural and man-made causes have resulted in significant loss of land mass along the Louisiana coast. This erosion has resulted in increased flooding, has negatively impacted residents and businesses, and is threatening industries critical to the state and national economy, particularly ports, commercial fishing, and oil/gas refining.

The Solution

Significant federal, state, and corporate funding has been committed to protecting and restoring Louisiana’s coastal livelihood and economy. With the objective of maximizing positive economic impacts to the State of Louisiana, state leadership has sought to leverage these coastal investments for the benefit of in-state businesses and workers. Recognizing this opportunity, Louisiana Economic Development (LED), the South Louisiana Economic Council (SLEC), and the newly established Coastal Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) commissioned Camoin Associates to identify the coastal management supply chain, quantify the economic impact on the state of coastal management spending, and evaluate the additional economic benefit that would accrue if a greater portion of investment was awarded to in-state firms.

The Impact

State leadership is using the economic impact analysis together with a list of over 2,100 coastal supply chain businesses compiled by Camoin to conduct outreach efforts to Louisiana businesses and support greater in-state business participation in coastal investment procurement opportunities.