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State of Utah Addresses Economic Growth Patterns Through a Unified Economic Development Strategy

Utah state capitol building in Salt Lake CityThe Challenge

Consistently ranked as one the highest performing states in the nation, economically, job growth and productivity are essentially synonymous with the State of Utah.

While economic growth has borne positive implications across the state, it has also put pressure on other areas, and prosperity has not reached all communities. Propelled by growth in and around the Wasatch Front region, including Salt Lake City, other portions of the state remain reliant on natural resources, agriculture, or tourism.

To grow strategically and ensure that every corner of Utah can benefit from ongoing economic activity, the State hired Camoin Associates to develop a unified economic development strategy and determine how the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget, along with the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, can coordinate efforts among state, regional, and local economic development partners to respond to each region’s distinct needs.

The Solution

Camoin Associates initiated a dynamic, participatory planning process to complete the strategy and traveled to Utah three separate times to meet each of the state’s seven associations of governments (AOGs). These planning bodies prepare separate comprehensive economic development strategies (CEDS) that drive each region’s strategy for five-year increments.

To clearly define the strengths and areas for improvement in each AOG region, Camoin Associates developed a series of indicators that ranked various economic inputs. Additionally, a business survey that gained support from the Governor was distributed and provided invaluable real-time business environment data.

The Impact

The unified strategy put approaches in place that support the State’s overall economic development vision and provide a roadmap for how state agencies can work together to manage strategic growth.

During Camoin Associates’ site visits, honest discussions with the AOGs opened communication pathways among state and local participants and renewed their commitment to collaborate across jurisdictions to enable local communities to advocate for resources. The strategy articulates how the State can continue to strengthen these connections and develop the capacity to achieve its ambitious goals.

Read the report (PDF)

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