ProspectEngage™ is quickly becoming the most efficient and effective way to identify opportunities for new investment in your community or region. It also provides the data your marketing team needs to develop more precisely-targeted campaigns.

Increasingly, private businesses are using digital tools to identify new locations for expansion or relocation that will allow them to compete in a global economy. One of the ways they get information about your community is by visiting websites of the economic development organizations in their target areas. But, unless you make the shortlist, your organization has no way of knowing it’s even being considered and loses an important opportunity to potentially influence that decision.

ProspectEngage™ allows you to proactively influence that decision by identifying and engaging with business leaders in your target industries the moment they first visit your website.


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Connect to the right leads, with the right message, at the right time.


  • monitors your website
  • identifies business visitors
  • provides enhanced information about them
  • determines if their visit is part of site selection research

If we determine their visit is part of site selection research, we identify the right company representative and contact them on your behalf so you can influence their perception of your community from the start.

ProspectEngage™ also provides your organization with the intelligence it needs to determine if you are getting website visits and attention from the industries and businesses your marketing initiatives are attempting to target.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About ProspectEngage

“ProspectEngage has proven to be a successful recruiting tool to our organization. The Camoin team provide reports that are easy to access by our staff, provide information to our board and, most of all, assist in recruiting industry. If you want to know which companies are considering your area and what is of the most value on your website, we highly recommend Camoin’s ProspectEngage.”

 SANDY DAVIS | Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation

“The ProspectEngage database has been a game changer for our sponsorship research and outreach. Having this information so easily available in one place makes the process so much easier for our nonprofit. We are not recreating the wheel—we are looking for companies who are already interested in us, which makes the gateway for outreach so much smoother. The downloaded reporting function is also helpful so I can share this with my team, and I don’t have to create my own reports on all of this information. We have been able to connect with many new potential sponsors because of this amazing tool and we could not be more grateful to have this in our outreach toolkit!”

 ALIX SANDLER | No Limits Foundation

“We have watched our web traffic increase, so we know we have been getting visitors, but we felt we were still missing something. Camoin’s ProspectEngage tool has allowed us to interact with prospects visiting our website. It has led to productive conversations with companies considering capital projects. Camoin has filled the void in what was missing from our web marketing investment.”

 MIKE JACOBY | Ohio Southeast Economic Development

“ProspectEngage provides us with the intelligence and staff support to better capture viable leads visiting our website. We now have a tool that can help us see and connect with prospects that are reaching our site through our ongoing marketing and outreach campaigns.”

 AIMEE REDDICK | Upstate SC Alliance

Please contact us with any questions you have about ProspectEngage™

Dillion Roberts

Contact Dillion Roberts, Director of ProspectEngage™:
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  • Strategic + Organizational Planning

    Strategic + Organizational Planning
    Strategic + Organizational Planning

    Strategic + Organizational Planning

    Whether you’re developing a statewide, regional, local, or organizational strategic plan, Camoin Associates works with clients to set a vision and develop strategies that will support ambitious, but achievable goals.

    + Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS)
    + Downtown revitalization plans
    + Economic development strategic plans
    + Evaluation and benchmarking
    + Strategic visioning

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  • Workforce Development + Talent Retention

    Workforce Development + Talent Retention
    Workforce Development + Talent Retention

    Workforce Development + Talent Retention

    Camoin Associates can help you craft actionable workforce development and talent retention solutions to create a resilient labor pipeline, supporting equitable and inclusive economic growth.

    + Labor market analytics
    + Occupation and skills gap analysis
    + Career pathway mapping
    + Workforce pipeline development
    + Talent retention and attraction strategies

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  • Real Estate Development Services

    Real Estate Development Services
    Real Estate Development Services

    Real Estate Development Services

    We help communities and developers do it all — from uncovering opportunities and developing project concepts to finding funding and navigating all the complexities from start to finish.

    + Housing needs assessments and housing strategies
    + Market analysis
    + Development strategies
    + Brownfield redevelopment
    + Developer advisory services
    + Financial feasibility analysis

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  • Impact Analysis

    Impact Analysis
    Impact Analysis

    Impact Analysis

    To us, measuring the jobs, earnings, sales, and revenue is only the beginning. We take a holistic approach to economic and fiscal impact to tell the full story of what a project, industry, program, or development will do for the community.

    + Economic impact
    + Fiscal impact
    + Tax credit benefit/cost analysis
    + Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
    + District Improvement Financing (DIF)

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  • Lead Generation + Business Relationships

    Lead Generation + Business Relationships
    Lead Generation + Business Relationships

    Lead Generation

    As an established global research and direct marketing company, we have a track record of customizing and implementing high-end, mission-critical research and marketing campaigns that exceed client expectations.

    + Trade show planning
    + Marketing mission planning
    + Virtual and in-person meeting setting
    + Website assessment

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  • Industry Analytics + Strategy

    Industry Analytics + Strategy
    Industry Analytics + Strategy

    Industry Analytics

    As leaders in research and data analysis, we use the most advanced and comprehensive economic data and tools to understand the supply chain, industry market trends, and sector needs, and unearth emerging opportunities.

    + Target industry and cluster analysis
    + Supply chain and trade gap analysis
    + Geographic competitiveness analysis
    + Site selection needs analysis

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  • Entrepreneurship + Innovation

    Entrepreneurship + Innovation
    Entrepreneurship + Innovation

    Entrepreneurship + Innovation

    We help clients identify, connect with, understand, and strengthen their entrepreneurial ecosystems. Our mission is simple: to build a more inclusive economy for the future by connecting and inspiring the entrepreneurs of today — and tomorrow.

    + Startup ecosystem assessment and action planning
    + Equitable entrepreneurship strategies: Breaking down barriers
    + Entrepreneurship metrics tracking and evaluation
    + Market research and intelligence
    + Small business outreach and resource centers
    + Policy and code assessment and outreach

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  • Business Retention + Expansion

    Business Retention + Expansion
    Business Retention + Expansion

    Business Retention + Expansion

    Economic development is built on connections, and our custom business engagement solutions help you make those connections — from business retention to business attraction.

    + Business visitation process creation and set up
    + Logistical and technology support
    + Follow up plans and strategy development

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